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10-20 minutes online, depending on how quickly you answer the questions. 

YES, as long as you have internet.

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Our coaching team are trained for scheduled debrief calls and brainstorming.

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Yes, we offer our clients additional discounts at a range of volumes to fit any business size or need. Our pricing is based on the volume of your purchase. We offer 4 levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Yes, and there is NO COST.

Our Consultant Admin Account (CAA) covers it all when it comes to customization.

Many clients desire to brand deliverables and configure the assessment experience to their business and customers. This is not commonly available with our competitors and industry.

Our customization capabilities extend to reports, web screens, emails, assessment content, API’s, translations and various materials and downloads. Contact us to discuss your customization needs.

This COMPLIMENTARY account is for anyone.

Opening a CAA means instant access for you to our DISC and any of our partner Lisa Patrick Assessments online assessments (100+), team reports, trainer materials and marketing collateral from your own, white-labeled online dashboard.

Best yet? It’s FREE. There are no setup fees, expenses or annual requirements associated with opening your own Consultant Admin Account (CAA). All of your dashboard’s features are 100% free, like unlimited team and group reports, conflict resolution reporting, onscreen DISC benchmarking, marketing collateral, trainer materials, workshop facilitator materials and much more! 

The only thing you will ever pay for are the wholesale assessments themselves.

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Whether you’re new to DISC assessments or looking for a better online dashboard for your business, Monster Assessments can help.

YES!  We can help you when you are looking for mastery level understanding of DISC.
The DISC Assessment Certification is designed to provide you with the ability to debrief DISC reports with confidence and accuracy to access your needs.

Ask us to learn more about Certifications.

YES! In fact we encourage you to do so by offering you a COMPLIMENTARY white labelled to your brand, Consultant Admin Account (CAA).


TTI Success Insights provides a very solid, sound, and straight-forward report with unique information for each respondent based on their specific behavioral style. A helpful and readable product, the report is unique to each user and provides a great deal of information on the individual behavioral style, as well as graphs, visuals, and thorough explanations of the DISC elements measured.

Whereas the DISC and more specifically LP Assessments powered by Assessments24x7, provides the same solid and sound information, with the primary distinction in the addition of many pages of coaching, DISC background and theory, as well as personal strategy that the reader can use to not only understand their own style, but also to understand and interact in successful ways with other styles. This provides a report basis that creates a fundamental difference when a client asks, “What can I do now with all of this information?”


  1. Very sound research
  2. Written in readable, engaging style of prose
  3. Reliable company, known to the field since the mid-1980s
  4. Natural and adapted style graph, presented with four colors
  5. Includes General Characteristics, Strengths, Communication Tips, Perceptions, Ideal Work Environment, Motivations, Areas of Improvement
  6. Descriptive intensity index with highlighted areas of applicable traits
  7. DISC wheel presentation


  • Report length/arrangement of TTI Success Insights:
    24 pages, arranged thematically around topics describing the respondent’s results
    bullet-point lists of 10-14 items ( comprehensive, thorough statements sets)
  • Report length/arrangement of LP Assessments 24×7 DISC:
    38 pages, arranged in three parts:
    I – Understanding DISC,
    II – Understanding Yourself, and
    III – Understanding Others and Adaptability, in brief bullet lists of 5-7 items (short, memorable statement sets)
  • Application and Adaptability tools and resources TTI Success Insights:
    Not included in the TTI Success report
  • Application and Adaptability tools and resources DISC Assessments 24×7:
    12 Integrated DISC Style Relationships
    Application of DISC Styles
    A Deeper look at the four styles
    Recognizing Another Persons Style
    Behavioral Adaptability
    Modifying your Directness/Openness, Pace/Priority
    Tensions Among the Styles
    Adapting to Situations- work, sales & service, social settings, learning settings
    Adaptability practice and application’

MBTI is largely an indicator of how people think internally. DISC measures how personality translates to external behavior. Generally speaking, MBTI is a good assessment tool for the individual looking for self-knowledge. MBTI results tend to be very personal and typically reveal a great deal about an individual’s inner self.

Although this may sound like an advantage over DISC, this can in fact be a weakness. Because MBTI is so deeply personal and is based on a large amount of revealing data from the extensive MBTI questionnaire, people who take the MBTI may often feel uncomfortable sharing their results with others. This could make MBTI unsuitable or difficult to use in a public environment such as a business, organization, or corporation where team building exercises, corporate retreats, staff training, sales meetings take place.

Also, with 16 different personality types and acronyms that are often confusing, MBTI language often fades from the memory of the casual user very quickly. MBTI test-takers are often unable to retain useful information from their personality profile. DISC, on the other hand, offers all of the advantages of MBTI, but with a more user-friendly interface.

The simple acronym “DISC” is easy to remember, and therefore makes a much more lasting impression on users. It’s typical for individuals taking the DISC assessment to remember their results years after taking the initial assessment.

Because the DISC assessment is specific to whatever environment you have in mind when taking the assessment, results tend not to be as intimate or personal as MBTI.

It’s easier for individuals taking the DISC assessment to share their results, confident that though the assessment results might reveal their work personality, their private self can remain protected.

Major advantages for DISC over MBTI for most situations:

People remember DISC long after they hear about it. Other models, such as MBTI, are more difficult to recall. It is hard to apply what you cannot remember.

DISC was designed to be practical and easy-to-apply, while also being less theoretical than MBTI. Both are solid and widely used. It’s not a matter of which model is right, but which one best suits the intended use.

DISC can easily be visualized and explained in a circular or quadrant diagram.  MBTI may be helpful, but difficult to diagram in a simple manner. DISC can be illustrated in a way that even young children can understand. However, DISC is not so simplistic that it cannot yield in-depth insights.

DISC is not just for self-understanding; it provides a framework to understand others and adjust how you relate to them. MBTI is also helpful in this regard. However, to effectively apply the MBTI model for two people, you would then need to remember the right combination of 8 letters for both individuals and then attempt to figure out the implications on your relationship. 

DISC can be as practical as helping a Guarded person learn to be a little more aware and Open when the situation calls for it.

Knowing your personality type is important for your career success so you can determine what the next best job or career advancement is for you.